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  1. ESET Endpoint Antivirus Version 6.4.2014.0 on Win 7 32 bit O/S

    These issues were encountered during a regular weekly scan of two internal hard drives approximately 232 GB each + one Western Digital MyBook external drive at 1.3 TB.

    Scanning all targets via hxxp://support.eset.com/kb2909/?locale=en_USscan setup on scheduler is listed as weekly "in depth scan" - not to be confused with Smart Scan which I never use.

    Question Plus issues -
    Why does it take 3.5 hours to scan all these drives ? Email file scanning is disabled.

    Why (or) is it normal to see numerous scan dialog boxes during the scan ? (see screen capture)

    When scan is completed the scan results are not kept on the UI after a reboot although they should for further review. I see this as a bug.  Can no longer dismiss the scan results dialogue.




  2. Hello,

    I've just upgraded to Endpoint 6.2.2033 and I've found more unwanted entries in the back end that I've removed as they're unwanted and were not announced anywhere that I've read.

    This is on a Windows 7 - 32 bit Dell OptiPlex PC. 

    Below are the entries I've removed since I've been on the 6x family platform.



  3. Hello, the msconfig entry was just for the GUI part anyway, the kernel was started regardless of the entry.

    If you want to boot your operating system without the antivirus enabled, you can uncheck "Start Real-time file system protection automatically" in Advanced setup > Antivirus > Real-time file system protection.


    I've asked ESET Tech Writing to start a new KB Article on this requirement as there currently is none that states this in order to boot sans the antivirus.


  4. Hello,


    I've just upgraded ESET Endpoint to version 6.2.2021 on Win 7 32 bit  from the 5.1.1 version Family.


    When I noted that there is no longer an MSCONFIG item under the new installation, I did some digging and found this. The software installation introduces the following ESET.com Trusted Zone entries in the Registry unbeknownst to the user.   

    Trusted Zone: hxxp://*.eset.com (HKLM)
    ESC Trusted Zone: hxxp://*.eset.com (HKLM) 


    Since the above were likely introduced in order for the sites in question to be "trusted" by the Browser, it is not opt-in, therefore I have manually removed these entries as they are not required nor are they necessary.  There should be no entries in the trusted sites zone in Internet Explorer. This was something that was once required for Windows Update.

    As far as the lack of an MSCONFIG item, this poses a problem for those that may want to do a selective boot  - (with the AV disabled) - for troubleshooting purposes. We would not want advanced users having to stop Window Services unless required.

    Other than these observations - am happy with the improved bits and layout.

  5. Martin Brinkman of GHacks wtrites 

      Superfish, a California-based advertising company best known for the part it played in the Lenovo fiasco posted an announcement on the official company homepage that its "business is closing".

    The complete article is here:
    ESET fully protects it's customers from Superfish adware here:



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