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  1. I am unable to use any board functionality with IE 11, many are reporting the same issues replying to or creating new posts.

    Fortunately I use Mozilla Firefox in addition to IE 11. This may be one the reasons why there is not as much board views or traffic as was expected.

    Also: there is a distinct lack of information as to how to use the board features. These were promised a good while ago but not posted. That may be why some still wish ESET support was still at Wilders.




  2. Greetings,

    Security vet but not an old guy - you know me for ESET support and other stuff mostly security related.
    I like to announce software that I believe in and recommend.


    Run my own security firm here in Montreal, am on Twitter & Facebook.

    Good to be here and looking forward to seeing ESET Support grow via this new Forum. 











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