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  1. Hi, my automatic banking protection doesn't work, I don't know how to do. I have the lasted version of Firefox and Chrome. Thanks
  2. I had free upgrade toward W8.1, is the product key is the same than my W8?
  3. My original OS is W8 and not W8.1 then it's impossible to have W8.1 alone.
  4. I have download W8.1 from W8 (Windows store) and I installed. Is there any solution?
  5. I had Windows 8 and now Windows 8.1 on the same system.
  6. My problem has nothing to do with ESET? Do i have to reinstall Windows or it's useless?
  7. Thanks rugk and Marcos, i have the logfile.
  8. rugk: I have already reinstalling Nod 32 several times, and desactivating UAC but it makes no difference! I only have the error message when i click "Always scan protocol ssl". Marcos: Sorry, I don't know how to get a process monitor log.
  9. Yes, i have UAC enabled prompt for elevated administrator rights at all. Do I need to reinstall windows?
  10. Thanks a lot rugk. I have do your solution (video) but i have always the same message. I have enabled "Require full administrator rights..."
  11. I can't closing gui by holding shift and cliking X.
  12. Is this problem will be solve by Eset?
  13. Yes, all email clients and browsers are closed. Nothing is running but I have the error message.
  14. I can create a screenshot but how to paste it in this forum?
  15. Yes I'm able to change other sittings but it's not the problem because even on Aministrator account i have the same message (SSL). How posting a screenshot? I can't do it. thank you
  16. Please, is there anyone knowing why SSL not working?
  17. Hi, i have a big problem with the protocol ssl. When I want to apply "always analise protocol ssl", I have an error message wich said I don't have permission to modify. How to repair this bug? Windows 8.1 64 bits Thanks
  18. Hi, My name is paskal, I'm french and i like very much Eset products. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? google What OS are you running? windows 8.1 64 bits What AV are you running? Nod32 antivirus 8 What’s an interesting fact about you? I like computer (security), gaming and reading. regards
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