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  1. Is there an update in the works? I'm noticing when I get the push notification when logging into my remote PC, I click Approve on the notification but it's hit or miss if it works. Most of the time, I have to enter the one-time code. If I open the app, and then log into my remote PC, the approval works. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Any update as to when this app will be iOS 10 and 64-bit compliant? Also will it support push notifications like the android version does?
  3. Is there a way to change the idle time for Secure Authentication OTP when logged in to Remote Web Access? I'm running Server 2012 R2 and Secure Authentication version Whenever someone logs in to RWA and is idle for some time, the OTP page comes up.
  4. Are there any plans to update the iOS app more specifically to support native resolution of the iPhone 6/6 Plus? How about support for the latest iOS? The app hasn't been updated since Jan. 15, 2014.
  5. I've tried this solution but did not work for me. Is there something else I can try? I'm running Server 2012 R2.
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