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  1. Thanks William, but as stated, I need to do this without deleting existing zones. It would be ideal if we could do our zone management centrally, but in practise, it just won't work for us. Surely this is a bug? It's understandable that Endpoint renumbers the Zones when you import them, but it seems like an oversight that when doing so, it doesn't also adjust any references in firewall rules which mention those zones.
  2. I am having some problems with deploying zones and rules within Eset using Administrator and Console versions 5.2.2 I am experiencing the same issue which is described here - https://forum.eset.com/topic/251-problem-with-my-own-zones-in-rules-editor/?hl=zone which doesn't seem to have been fixed yet, but I can work around that. The biggest problem seems to be that when you import zones and associated firewall rules through either manually importing an XML configuration file, or through centralised deployment, Eset alters the zone IDs, which breaks the firewall rule. As an example, I ha
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