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  1. My computer hung displaying messages (in Chrome) that Microsoft had discovered 3 viruses in my computer. The page was wallpaperdesigns.pw/thread.php No, I haven't tried whether it's reproducible. I didn't search for or attempt to access wallpaperdesigns.pw. Not sure how I got there. I couldn't exit that page, or Chrome. Chrome said something about running out of memory, during the shutdown. Had to reboot. Scanning now. Edit: Using Eset Smart Security 8, current upgrades and database. Web access and anti-phishing is on (default settings).
  2. Amazon sells Eset 2014 products at a lower price than the 2015 versions. Since it apparently costs nothing to upgrade from 2014 to 2015 versions, is there any reason for me to pay the higher price for 2015 versions?
  3. ESET upgrades: 2014 vs 2015, is there a table showing the benefits of Eset 2015 vs Eset 2014? Can I upgrade from NOD32 2014 to Smart Security 2015 for 3 users, or is the 2014 purchase wasted? Jack Hobbs
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