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  1. I've found that editing a dynamic group resets it and you have to wait for clients to check in again before they'll appear in the dynamic group. I just updated to 6.2 and my clients are starting to populate my own Outdated Agent dynamic group, so I can confirm that it's working.
  2. I just followed the instructions on this page to upgrade the components on my ERA server and the RD sensor started working! On the subject of upgrades... is the only way to update the ERA server through this manual process? I'm OK with dropping down to the linux cli and doing these things, but I'd imagine that many ERA server virtual appliance users wouldn't have any idea of how to follow the linked instructions. Is automatic updates for the ERA server components something that's possible in the future? As far as I can tell there's not even any notification that updates are available.
  3. Hmm, I guess I'll have to set up a push install task to do it. Don't version 5 clients auto update? I know I've never manually updated any of my EES 5 clients, but to be fair I've also never actually checked the program version numbers before now so for all I know they may not have auto updated. The only reason I'm interested in manually updating to the latest EES 6 version is that it supposedly fixes dual update profiles so my laptop users will switch to using the internet to update definitions when off site.
  4. I saw today that version 6.1.2222.0 was released at the end last week. So far they haven't but will my clients automatically update from 6.1.2109.0 to this new release? My ERA server shows 6.1.2222.0 as the version to deploy to new clients so I know it's there. I can always make a deploy task to push it out, but I was hoping it would automatically update.
  5. I just discovered the Shared Local Cache server which will cache files so other endpoints know that they can skipped instead of scanned. All of the documentation indicates that it's intended for virtual machines deployed from identical templates, but is there any reason that I shouldn't set up a Local Cache and point all of my on site endpoints (user Windows 7 PCs) to it to help with scan speeds since all the base Win 7 files will also be identical like base Win Server files? We have everyone turn their PCs off overnight so our daily scans run around noon when most people are at lunch, but it does sometime impact people and anything to speed up scans would be welcome.
  6. Well, I figured out what I was doing wrong with the Add New button. If you press enter to make a blank line after typing in the computers you want to add it has the red triangle with exclamation point beside the blank line and when you hit add it does nothing because of the blank line. If you don't have said blank line it works. I think that either a pop-up message saying "you can't have blank lines" when you click the Add button or just having the Add button ignore the blank line should be a thing as it's kind of confusing since it greys out when you click it but nothing else happens. So this part is solved, but the RD scanner and AD sync parts still seem to be not working.
  7. I recently installed the ERA 6.1 server virtual appliance. I'm able to use the Agent Live Installer .bat file to install the Remote Agent on a computer and it then shows up on the server, but I cannot get any other computers to show up so I can simply use the push install. I've tried all three methods of adding an "Unmanaged" computer (Rogue Device scanner, AD sync, and manually via Add New) and nothing works. I have no way of knowing if the RD scanner is even doing anything. The AD sync reports successful and I see the entry in the syslog of the AD server where it successfully logged in but nothing populates in the group I told it to populate (Lost & Found). I also try to use the Add New button but after I click Add it just sits there and does nothing. The ERA server is on the same subnet as the PCs. Has anyone else been able to get Unmanaged computers to show up in the new ERA so you can just push the agent instead of manually installing it on every single PC?
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