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  1. Good afternoon, We had Airwatch, which turned out to be a nightmare. Is there any way to use ESET MDM in the same fashion, where the device, if taken off premises, is being monitored by the MDM appliance, and MDM rules can be assigned? I can't find much documentation on how to configure the MDM appliance past installation, although I do get how to set it up for outside facing access. My real question is, can this be used on Windows laptop based devices, or is this something that can really only be used on Android? Thanks, and feel free to let me know if I'm in the wrong forum.
  2. Good morning, Every time we update a policy for our users, eventually all of our changes disappear. We definitely tell it to apply and finish, but when we go back in, maybe not the first time but soon all changes are lost. We are on the latest era 6 version installed on windows 2012. Thanks!
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