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  1. Yes ESET agent and Antivirus are installed on the Xendesktop image before deployment. We also have 13 processing plants that use hundreds of basic Windows touch screen computers, when a touch screen device breaks it is unplugged and sent off site for repair and reimaging. The device that is removed is replaced by a new device and it is reconfigured to the area it is being used in. Again we have no control over this process and the antivirus is not uninstalled due to 24/7 production time constraints. I estimate that at minimum 2 of these devices are replaced a week. The images used do not h
  2. Hi all, Just wondering what other people who use Citrix are going to do with the issue of license activation based on ESET Agent UID. Our Citrix XenDesktop environment works by having a single image that Citrix copies and deploys to 30 separate virtual servers. These servers work in a static state, so that when ever the server is rebooted all changes are wiped and the server boots up fresh as the day it was created. This process will probably not cause to many issues as the hardware is unchanged but it will require a weekly "reset cloned agent" task to be run. The licensing issues
  3. Yesterday I cloned a server by splitting the RIAD 1 array and re-enabling the separate arrays on two different servers. Today with the new server almost restored to working, name changed and added to the domain I see that ERA is reporting the old server name as in use and the new server name has not reported in, I figure ESET hasn't updated it information but no amount of reboots seems to get it to register. Do I leave it as it and bring the old server online and see what happens? What's required to get this working and license properly? Also the old ERA has settings to rename mac add
  4. With close to 17 years in IT I have to say that this is the first ESET product that I do not like. From the installation through to the steps required to get it working properly after the setup is complete. I would assume anyone with ESET product knowledge will have issues with this. I have been working on ERA 6 for almost a week, I still cannot deploy an agent, activate clients or get ERA 6 to display nice messages about virus signatures being up to date even though the client is up to date. Not to mention the three fold price increase for ESFW. Which we will now be removing from our serv
  5. Testing ERA6 and I can't figure this out. Can someone enlighten me on how I can create a dynamic group in ERA 6 that selects the machines based on Active Directory OU? Thanks Thanks
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