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  1. Hi Marcos For clarity this is reporting from our locally hosted ESMC - I should have mentioned above. That's the system sending me the alerts. Where on the client side would I check to see if it's running? This is only one end user and they're only online part time so it might be a few days before I can find out what's happening on their side. This is what my console is reporting
  2. I keep receiving this email notification. I have read the forum for previous posts and understand the reason for the message. An update task is running that is likely requesting an obsolete configuration. My question however, is how do I stop or fail the task so the notifications stop being sent. The previous forum questions don't mention that in their solutions. The Modules Update task is still 'Running' on the remote computer. It has be running for 24 hours. Is there a way to stop it remotely, or even on the client computer? Or can I change the underlying task in some way to correct the configuration issue so it will complete execution? thanks
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