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  1. High Memory Usage?

    Okay but I have not received the product update can you give me a link? I belong to India, so is it a reason for the delay in receiving product update.BTW as for memory usage I remember older versions of eset taking just around 80-100Mb so felt this was high
  2. High Memory Usage?

    Hi, As the title says the memory usage is high, when I took the snapshot I had 2 virtual desktops in widows running and a few tabs open in Google Chrome.Also, I have a license of NOD32 V9 will it work for version 10.I have not received any update to version 10. My laptop config is Core i7 4510U, 8GB Ram, 1TB HDD,Windows 10 Here is the screenshot
  3. Thank You for the prompt confirmation!
  4. Hi, I got a notification from eset of a malware problem, I feel its false positive can anyone confirm I have attached the log details below.
  5. nod32 7 update to nod32 8

    Thank you Merry christmas....
  6. Hi, I have purchased eset nod32 version 7.I was wondering if it is upgradable to version 8? Can the key be used in nod32 version 8?