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  1. Hi There, I was wondering if someone could help me understand how the Program Components Update (PCU) works when using local site mirror servers (Eset Endpoint Antivirus / File Security / ERA 5). A quick overview of our setup: - 1 ERA server/console to manage multiple sites, all on separate networks/domains. - 1 mirror server per site (using http), the mirror being usually setup on a server running Eset File Security (No ERA). - The mirror servers are set to download their updates from the ERA server. - All other PCs download their updates from their local mirror server. The mirror server setup works fine for virus signature database updates, however I cannot get it to work for PCU. I know the program components update are not extremely critical but I just like to keep things up to date. I've followed the following KB for the PCU setup : SOLN3308 I've downloaded the right nup files and added the appropriate lines to the update.ver file. It works fine if I set a PC to connect directly to the ERA server for its updates. When I look at the local servers mirror directory, I can't see any of the PCU files being downloaded. I've found a workaround, if I add the PCU files directly to the mirror directory of each local servers and add the right lines to the update.ver files it then works. However I would have thought these files should be downloaded automatically to each mirror server from the ERA server when they are checking for updates. I could very well script it but I was just wondering if there was a way to do this within the eset programs. Also, would PCU work to update from v5 to v6 when it becomes available in our area. Thank you, Florian
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