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  1. Does smart security install normally now and does it still screw your network connection like it did with 10074? I had no problem with the install and no issues with my network connection either.
  2. Anyone running eset on W10 Build 10122? HIPS is inactive. I do have pre-release update selected.
  3. Yes much better. Now if i could only find out why the blue screens with HIPS enabled.
  4. Yes, i have pre-release updates selected. I keep trying to turn HIPS back on occasionally and every time windows freezes and blue screens.
  5. If i cant get around keeping HIPS enabled because of freezing and blue screening, In your opinion am i better off continuing to run eset with HIPS disabled, or use windows defender?
  6. OK, I got it. The version is 9879.2.amd64fre.fbl_release_currentfr.141107-1950
  7. Since i cant have HIPS enabled is it safer to run windows Defender or eset with HIPS disabled?
  8. No i don't have that value. I did a search as well.
  9. I was just following the instructions were it said to enable pre-release updates, get the update and then go back to regular updates. I have just turned them on and left them on. Marcos, I am running 9879 and i have eset version 8.0.304.0
  10. Yes, I enabled them to get the pre-release update and then disabled them.
  11. Anyone having issues with windows 10 freezing with eset smart security? I wasn't having any issues until about a week ago. It looks like if i disable HIPS then no more freezing. Just curious if anyone else is running windows 10 and having same issue.
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