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  1. Just a comment. I received the following while trying to add a non-standard domain name to the sender filter, Error: There were problems with one or more entries. Illegal value (.loan) for New Email Address/Domain:must be a top-level domain like 'edu' or domain like 'yourdomain.com' or email address like 'you@yourdomain.com'. Now, I can understand why I would get this, however, spammers aren't playing by the rules so why should we have to be limited in this particular area. I should be able to block a domain name of 'courtesy.uuggss.loan' which is used on the internet for spammers. Please change the program so I can enter just about anything in the sender filters.
  2. Hello, I've been setting up ERA V6 and am testing installing V6 client on a remote Win7 system. It appears to be set up correctly but it won't start. The system I'm installing to already has Eset V5 installed but doesn't have the V6 agent installed. I've tried installing on a client that has V5 with the V6 agent installed already and that didn't work either. Any help would be much appreciated. Chris
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