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  1. Good afternoon, After lunch, when I went to my e-mail account, I could not long in and had a pop-up warning about some licence wizard and passwords. The links that appeared were very suspicious. It happend with I.E and Mozilla (latest versions of both). I run my AV, Eset 8.0.304.1 and it detected a trojan virus: Win32/BHO.OHQ in this location: C:\Users\Rodrigo\AppData\LocalLow\1880036.exe - uma variante de Win32/BHO.OHQ cavalo de Tróia - limpo por exclusão - em quarentena After the sweep, the virus was put in quarantine and I deleted it. I also run hitman pro after and it did not detected anything. I re-boot my PC and everything appears fine, I can now log in in my e-mail account. I ask what I can do more to see if my system is secure, if there is any back door left by the virus and if I can go to my accounts safely. (paypal, ebay or online bank site; this last use a keylogger for the password, do not know if it is safe or more safe in terms of this, or any virus). I do not know how it could get in, since I did not went to any suspicious or harmful website. PS: should I run also a sweep in my flash and external HDD drives? Thank you!
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