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  1. 0 I didn't think that this was the case here. The original OS on the system was VISTA but it came with a Win7 upgrade for free and I loaded that when I got it. I added Win8 on the 2nd partition and it's now a dual boot configuration. But who knows what Microsoft is up to. I will follow your recommendations for further support.
  2. No laptops. One computer is a dual boot Win 7 and Win 8.1 Other computer is a Win 8.1 Not sure what secure boot keys are, but I don't think that is an issue as I don't think that I have them.
  3. I own NOD32 but downloaded the free version of SysRescue Live (I couldn't get SysRescue to install from NOD32). When I boot off of the flash drive, I am getting an error that the hard drive cannot be mounted: 'An Error Occurred While Mounting /mnt/eset-live-rw' This happened on multiple working Because of this, the boot sector and many files cannot be scanned... HELP! Thanks...
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