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  1. You can delete the ESET services by removing the workflow files here: /Users/<user>/Library/Services I did but it did not sort the problem, it was the first way i tried uninstalling then reinstalled then done a manual uninstall and problem still persisted. It may have had updates since which may have fixed some bugs. I don't use ESET and not done so since uninstalling and doing a fresh install of osx yosemite, i use alternative free software now with no problems. Thanks anway.
  2. Hi, I never bothered reinstalling eset, i just downloaded Avast which is free and have used that since. I did not want to uninstall avast, reinstall eset, run log script, then uninstall eset to then reinstall avast and have more junk left behind all for the sake of a log. another member posted same issue months ago and never was it fixed, I don't have time to waste testing a companies security product and then waiting months for a fix and at the same time having junk left behind because of eset not clearly doing much to sort anything. Customer service does not exist. I had to do a full clean install after in the end as it was easier, system is running great now, Avast free is basic but you get updates everyday and just works without problems, no slowdown etc. I also got an Asus RT-AC68U which my security settings are relatively strict, a new update has just added more security options for protection so for me I'm not going to waste my hard earned money, time and effort with eset, this should have been fixed months ago when another forum member had this problem, obviously as it's a fresh install I'm not going to install it again. Hope those who continue to use it get it sorted very quickly.
  3. Hi, As already stated by someone else to they are having exact same problems. With this in mind I very doubt it has anything to do with other software being installed. This is a problem with the software itself not other software causing conflict, problems. I don't have it installed anymore and am using Avast so will have to do this on weekend when I got time to spare. I will post back to this thread then. Thank you.
  4. Yes I edited the post since I tested it for myself and saw that the instructions were not going to work. The only way I found I was able to successfully remove them from the Finder context menu was to reinstall ESET, enable the context menu in Preferences, then disable it, and restart the Mac (and then uninstall ESET and restart once more if you no longer wish to use ECS or ECSP). It seems that if you leave the context menu turned on, the uninstaller deletes the files for the context menu, but the entries remain visible in Finder (when clicking on an entry OS X gives an error that the file no longer exists). Typical. Will have to do as you said above, then uninstall. Thanks for the heads up. Not ever going to reinstall or use ESET again. Seems like their support doesn't exist and couldn't care less about potential new customers purchasing their product(s). Let alone trust them in protecting my Mac. Thanks anyways
  5. Have your restarted your Mac after uninstalling? They will continue to appear until you restart your Mac. Oh, you are right. The context menu continues to appear even after uninstalling. Hi, Yeah I see you edited post as instructions in email don't have a Services folder under Macintosh HD > Library. You know how to remove them from context menu? Thanks. Appreciate your help.
  6. Does anyone know how to fully uninstall the product. I thought i did until I just noticed when i secondary click a file for example, under Services > the options to scan, clean file etc are still there for ESET. I uninstalled using the ESET Cyber Security Pro .dmg file. the instructions found here hasn't helped sort the problem. Thank you
  7. Hi, Thanks for replying. Yes I did spot the thread earlier. I have installed Avast for Mac (free) and it works really well and doesn't slow my system down. I know it doesn't have all the bells and whistles (firewall etc) but still much better than ESET Cyber Security Pro atm. Not good if they don't even bother replying with a possible solution or an update on a potential fix for the issue. Glad i trialled it first as would not have been happy tbf if I had paid for it and could not use it because shutdown and restart is awful. It took 1 minute and 35 seconds earlier to just restart Will keep a close eye and hopefully a soon to be update will fix it, your thread was nearly 3 months ago and no fix still so won't hold my breath for a solution. Cheers
  8. Did you find a solution to this problem? I have a Macbook Pro 15" Retina (mid 2014) and have exact same issue, all is fine except shutdown/restart. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I got a brand new 1 week old MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) specs: 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, 500GB PCIe Flash Storage, preinstalled with Yosemite. System etc is all up to date. I am currently using the trial to see how I like the product. So far i'm not impressed and it's down to one thing only and that is ESET Cyber Security Pro when installed causes my Macbook Pro to take around about a minute to restart. When I uninstall ESET Cyber Security Pro it restarts almost instantly. Obviously when you got a expensive machine you wouldn't want something to cause such delay when shutting down and restarting. I take it this is some bug? it's only when I have the product installed my restart/shutdown crawls to a halt. I'd appreciate any advise/help on this, It's a good product but also unacceptable restart/shutdown times when product is installed and will likely try another security suite from another company unless I can solve this awful problem. Thank you for any help.
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