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  1. Hello Team, We have ERA 5.2.22 SERVER version and all the clients are having ESET Security 4.0.10. All clients are "Linux" servers. We are scheduling the weekly scans and getting the logs which has the information as below; Total number of items scanned: xxxxxxx (the number varies depends on the client) There are handful of files/mount points which are with the following error message as [4] error opening -- This means that the files may be in use by another process/application and that is fine for us Now, we need to generate the scan report with the below tabs; (This is
  2. Hello Team, We are running the scheduled scans for almost 50+ servers. Only 10 servers are reporting back to the ERA console and visible in the \"Scan Log\" tab. We are not able to see the remaining clients reporting to the scan log. All the clients are Linux servers and running with ESET Security The ERA server version is 5.2.22 Kindly let me know what all should I need to check on the client side or in the ERA console. Also, please let me know if any more information is needed to check why some clients are not reporting back with Scan Logs. All the clients are connected
  3. Hello MichaelA and Marcos, I apologize for the delay in my reply. I was OoO and just came back. @ MichaelA, I did check the two things as you mentioned, I confirm that the ports 2221-2223 is configured with the firewall exceptions. I also confirm that the clients are configured with correct ERA server and port information on them. @ Marcos, This is not resolved. The status as follows; ********************************************************** The clients which are showing up in the console of the new ERA server are having the following log; [2015-02-09 19:33:10.
  4. Hello Team, Is there any way to uninstall version 4.x and install version 5.x client on the desktops/laptops through scripts?? If so, I can use that script for the same and apply that through Group Policy. Kindly let me know and help me to get this resolved. Thank You.
  5. Hello Team, I recently had to migrate aroud 200+ clients from ERA 4.x to ERA 5.x. I followed the KB articles in ESET to create a configuration task and configured the task with Primary Server and Update Server information. Applied the tasks to the clients. Now, the clients are showing up in the new ERA server logs as follows; [2015-01-28 18:00:29.681] V5 [54c9943d1535] [00000a28] <SESSION_INFO> Kernel connection from xxx.xx.x.xx:9980 accepted [2015-01-28 18:00:29.681] V5 [54c9943d1535] [00000a28] <SESSION_INFO> Kernel connection from xxx.xx.x.xx:9980 closed (code 0
  6. Team, I wanted to select two posts (one from Marcos and one from Arakasi) as the best answers. But I am able to select one alone. But the credit goes to both of them for sure. Thanks Marcos and Arakasi for your suggestions. Thank You
  7. Hello Arakasi, Yes, even I am planning to create the new policy exclusively for Macs. Thanks for the suggestion. Thank You.
  8. Hello Arakasi, Yes, I am referring to the policy. I am sorry if I expressed the terms incorrectly. My scenario, I am already having a policy (mainly windows centric) which is in 4.x version and applied to 100+ clients. Now, I want to make a new policy for Macs. My Question is : Will I be able to clone the existing windows centric policy and then make changes according to the MAC and apply exclusively for MACs, or Should I create a new policy for MAC from the scratch. Thank You
  9. Hello Arakasi/Marcos/Team, Now, I have a question on the ESET profile: In the existing 4.x version I have a live profile for the clients but that is Windows based. Now, I need to create a profile for Mac Computers. Could you please help me on how can I create a new profile based on the current (windows based) or should I create it afresh from the scratch for the Mac? Many thanks in advance. Thank You
  10. Hello Arakasi, Thank you very much for the reply and explanation. Yours and Marcos's reply are very useful to me. I will go ahead and setup a new server and install latest ERA on that and will go ahead with Export/Import of the policies/settings as you mentioned. Thank You Note to Moderators/Admins: I will keep this thread open for one more day to post any issues/queries in case if I face any while policy migration or any other issues at the time of migration from 4.x to 5.x. Then I will mark this thread as "Solved". Thank You.
  11. Hello Marcos, Thanks for the reply and suggestion on the version upgrade. It brings me two other questions If I plan to install ERA version 5.x on a new server as a fresh clean install, is it possible for me to get the policies/settings from the old server 4.x??? If this is the case then how can I point the clients to the new server? Do I need to go individual clients and configure the primary server manually or is there a way to do it from the ERA console itself? Thank You
  12. Hello, I am very new to the ESET management and deployment. I have two questions with respect to the ERA Server. Question 1: I have deployed two ERA servers in two locations (geographically two locations) and configured Replication between them. I have designated one server as Primary and other one as Member. Now, I am able to see both the ERA servers from the Primary Server console and clients of both ERA servers in the Primary Server as well. This is fine till this point. Now actually my question : If my users are travelling from one location from another location w
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