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  1. Thanks for your reply mate. Some sound advice there, which I followed. Basically the same thing Gareth from Tech. Support said to do. Common misconception that there are a ton of bugs just waiting until you connect to the internet to pounce into your machine and ruin your life, whereas in truth, it seems you have to initiate the attack yourself really, either by clicking through to some kind of dodgy link, fishy emails, dodgy download sites, etc, so I was fine just doing it how you said. Thank you for your assistance. I think i'll just go with the Malwarebytes free edition, as you say,
  2. Hi folks, hope you're well! I have just purchased a Dell Latitude E6540 running Windows 7 and wanted to get the best AV protection before I start using it, which has led me to this site I was hoping someone could help enlighten me so I don't get myself in a muddle. I'm reading a few posts about conflicts, hard-drives locking up, etc and didn't want to make a hash of this new machine, so thought I'd ask the experts. So basically, from today's research I have decided to go with ESET Smart Security. I haven't purchased it yet as I am guessing I will need to buy/install on the new la
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