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  1. Hi, I hold an ESET Multi-Device Security Pack license that expires within around one year from now. Although I know it's possible to keeping my current 2 Linux machines with updates under v4 for one more year, I would like to renew that license, but I found out you guys are dropping Linux home users support for the v4 and that is getting me preocupied because I got 2 Linux /Windows rigs and your current solution is perfect for me. Are you guys willing to allow us, Linux home users with multi-device licenses, to migrate from v4 to v8 at some point? If you don't, that will not be a nice thing to do and, unfortunately, you'll lose me after 20 years of fidelity. Linux desktops need antivirus nowadays, it's mandatory and I woudn't like to have to move along and get another antivirus solution after so much time with yours.
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