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  1. Hi again, Planet. Thanks so much for being so patient. And lucky me, to get an unprecedented problem! (Series of problems, actually). I will do as you suggest but I think it is going to have to be after Christmas now. And just for the record, I didn't change any default settings before I started having problems. I only started changing things to try and sort out the problems. Maybe something went astray in the installation so I will reinstall it, after using the Norton removal tool (which I'm assuming checks for things left behind with the uninstaller. But now that i have allowed s
  2. Thank you Peter and Planet very much for your replies! I hope I am going to have time to deal with them, but part of my problem is I am so busy that I just wanted an antivirus/firewall that supposedly was better integrated with/designed for Mac OS so that I can 'just quickly' do stuff on my laptop! (as apparently the reviews I read had found. I now wonder if those reviews were v5 rather than v6…...) and currently I have to factor in the possibility that I have to deal with some ESET generated problem just to do normal things. So I may not get time to pursue this further until after Christ
  3. I recently switched from Norton to ESET, ironically on the basis of a couple of reviews I read which said ESET was better integrated into mac than other security software and worked more silently!! (Norton was slowing down my machine too much). How wrong i was!! I tried the month long trial version and all was well, so I paid the subscription and Ive been having problems ever since. I am not computer savvy so I don't know what most of the jargon on these forums means, but basically ESET has done a few things which have made my computer useless unless I disable ESET. Firstly the default set
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