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  1. Thanks. I second this advice. For the time being, at least. ESS did not transfer properly for me (Windows 8.1, ESS 8.0.319, resulted in disabled modules and enabled Defender & Windows Firewall). Needed an ESS reinstall (repair). I will probably uninstall and use Defender for a while, which always clears up network issues and a few odd others for me anyway. I'll probably end up appreciating ESS and ESET's work even more after a few weeks of Defender, ha, but who knows.
  2. I upgraded to ESS 8.0.319 before upgrading my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (via the normal, free download through Windows Update). After Windows 10 install, I received alerts that the firewall was not enabled (actually, not much was enabled, due to Defender and Windows Firewall being automatically enabled). So ESS did not properly transer, install, disable Defender and Firewall. I then ran the ESS 8.0.319 installer again, repairing or re-installing, and now things seem to be fine. Still thinking about uninstalling ESS for now, since I'm not sure of the compatability (some HomeGroup, network issues, probably more hidden).
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