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  1. KeePass is great for people who prefer keeping their passwords local and offline, i personally use LastPass however because of the added online convenience and its also a great password manager. Dashlane is another option if you want kind of a middle ground of the 2 since you can choose local or online storage, but all 3 are pretty solid, just depends what your preference is.
  2. Yah, im beginning to explore some of what it offers with recipes. Some sort of implementation with ESET would be an interesting idea
  3. Thanks for the helpful info, just created an account and added a couple of your recipes. I Had heard about IFTTT for the longest time but this finally motivated me to check it out lol
  4. I more or less kept it default because the defaults are pretty good but the changes i did make were: enabled detecting unsfe applications changed HIPS to "Smart Mode" from automatic and i set all the actions to "no cleaning" because i dont like my AV making automatic decisions for me but those are the only real significant changes i made other than disabling antispam, but thats just because i dont have any desktop email clients
  5. Ok, i figured that would be the case but wanted to make sure. So if i were to purchase a license off the ESET site, does the license timer begin at time of purchase or only once i activate it in the program?
  6. So im currently trialing ESS and im liking it and am thinking of purchasing a license. I was wondering though, if I were to purchase a license, does the remainder of the time on my trial add on top of the license length or would that extra trial time thats unused just be thrown out? Thanks
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