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  1. I mean I've already redirected my temp folder to a non-SSD drive by modifying the system environment variables. However, I think it would be nice if NOD32 provides an option for location of its own temp folder so that the system temp folder can stay in the SSD. This is not essential as there is a workaround but it is a nice-to-have feature.
  2. NOD32 writes a lot of temp files named NODxxxx.tmp during full scan (not sure if it's about scanning archives). You may view the activities using Resouce Monitor by checking "Write (B/sec)" under Disk Activity. I've already redirected the temp folder to another drive. However I modified the TEMP and TMP system environment variables instead.
  3. There are tons of applications besides the operating system itself which write into that folder. You can redirect the system temporary folder by adjusting the system temp / tmp variables. As for user temporary folders, you'd need to redirect user profiles folder. Personally I don't know anybody with SSD drives who would do that just to minimize writing to a SSD drive. I too use SSD in a notebook and 2 computers with default temp folder settings. Although many applications write to the temp folders but I didn't find any of them (at least in my PC) writing big files. I'm not sure if I got the correct figure (I got it from Task Manager), NOD32 writes tens of GB of temp files during my weekly full scan and that's quite significant. I've already moved my temp folder to another drive but I just think it would be nice if NOD32 provides an option so that other applications will not be affected.
  4. Please provide option for location of temp folder other than C:\Windows\Temp. NOD32 writes a lot of temp files during full scan and it is bad for SSD.
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