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  1. Hi, same problem here on two PC. So i reported this issue 5 weeks ago to the german eset support and they told me that it is a compressing problem of my chrome browser. ......and ESS has nothing to do with it. But its nice to know that Eset will fix this now and i´m not stupid.
  2. Hello Marcos, the error occured already with pre release updates enabled, and for me on two different machines (desktop PC+ Notebook) with win8.1. Only disabling the https scan in advanced setting solves the problem while browsing with chrome.
  3. Hello, i have same problem with chrome 64bit+ 32bit and eset. After typing some keywords to searchbar in chrome browser the the error: "ERR_ CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED" appears. When i disable https scanning on port 443 in eset everything is ok. I wrote to eset support and they told me that is an decompressing error of my chrome browser. This problem appears since a couple of weeks and only with eset!!! and chrome!!!.Internet Explorer works fine with https scanning enabled. I figured out that it must be problem with ESS and chrome. For testcases i installed kaspersky with https scanning enabled and no error appears. I hope they will fix this soon! kind regards win 8.1 64bit chrome 39 64bit ess 8.304.4
  4. Hello, same problem here with Win 8.1 ESS 8.0.304.4 and Razer Syanpse 2.0. 1.18 ESET Gui starts to freeze after changing some Setting in ESET. Disabling Synapse from starting with Windows solves the Problem.
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