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  1. Hi, I am attempting to run the mirror tool on Windows Server 2012 R2 but am getting the following error "Error: ParseLicenseFile: Cannot parse the license file". Has anyone encountered this error or know how to resolve it? I have followed these steps from the eset mirror tool guidance 1) login to business account and select products 2) Select ESET endpoint security and create offline file 3) Selected product type as ESET endpoint security for Windows & ticked include username & password 4) Generated the file named offline.lf I then followed the below How to use the Mirror Tool 1.Download the Mirror Tool from the ESET download page (Standalone installers section). 2.Unzip the downloaded archive. 3.Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the folder with the MirrorTool.exe file. 4.) MirrorTool.exe --mirrorType regular ^ --intermediateUpdateDirectory c:\temp\mirrorTemp ^ --offlineLicenseFilename c:\temp\offline.lf ^ --outputDirectory c:\temp\mirror Command prompt then states: Creating mirror for product: ep4. Error: ParseLicenseFile: Cannot parse the license file Error occured. Any guidance would be appreciated.
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