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  1. Does smart security install normally now and does it still screw your network connection like it did with 10074?
  2. Thats not possible as installing ESS on Win 10 10074 causes your network connection to drop the connection entirely meaning no internet. No internet means no updates. To fix this issue Eset must provide a new application download with fixed modules included This is it. problem is a lot of people just skim through the thread like, oh win10 must be x y z then.
  3. Got an issue with Windows 10 Build 10074. Yes it was only released yesterday but was released to both Fast and Slow rings so this would be one that a lot of people currently testing will end up on. ESS After upgrade reports Firewall module is corrupt and suggests a reinstall. Did the reinstall to get the same effect. Also an issue I noticed was that while ESS was installed, the network adapters failed to work. Once removing ESS the network resumed and was able to pick up a dhcp ip etc. Just to note even manually setting your own IP etc with ESS installed wouldnt work.
  4. Wonder whos going to accept fault lol ESET will blame Razer for not updating or something like that while its actually something on ESET's side. Thank you for going through that and hopefully they will do something now.
  5. Windows 8.1 x64 - Single Login / Account and regarding remote access not on this pc no. hxxp://i.imgur.com/ghk9qVu.jpg
  6. Got this issue too! Any fixes or workarounds available? Or uninstalling / disabling synapse till an update is the only way?
  7. Hi there, wondering if anyone can help on this. Been using ESS for a while now and stuck with it for the interactive firewall mainly. With the current update however, I get no notification of a new program trying to gain access. If I kill Eset via Task Manager and reinitiate it I get the pop ups for Outbound traffic. On selecting remember and allow. Nothing happens. Even if I select a temporary rule it wont do. Clicking show advanced options does nothing either. If I kill every Outbound notification window manually via Task Manager and reinitiate again, when selecting to di
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