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  1. If I install Windows 10 on 30th July, how many days should I wait before I install ESET Smart Security 8 or 9?
  2. Referring to your signature eset smart security consumes less than 100mb ram, so then he's left with ~400mb ram
  3. Already using this on every web service which provides, I know the benefits. Average user just don't know about it.
  4. How did you find the ESET Security Forum? I was reading some discussions & there I got the link to this forum What OS are you running? Windows 8.1 What AV are you running? Eset Smart Security 8x What’s an interesting fact about you? I've been involved in breaking securities of servers & computers When I was less than 18 & the knowledge & experienced I gained that time provides me a lot of benefits right now related to security related issues, within my community I'm having the safest laptop one can ever have. Also my typing speed record is 116 words per minute
  5. New logo is fine though older one looks beautiful as well, fb app has still same logo when I tried to create my account
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