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  1. Well, the problem has been solved: the automatic protection hadn't been activated after instalation and I had to do it by hand. ESET salesman gave me the solution within 3 hours of my email: in Advanced Setup / Computer / Antivirus / Real Time check Start Real Time File System Protection Automatically. This is a bug. If you install an antivirus, you expect it to do it's work automatically. Only cause I can think of is that being installed on a very fresh Win8, the security updates have somehow overwritten ESET's settings.
  2. Just fresh installed my new Windows 8,1 64bit and activated the ESET SmartSecurity license. Everytime I start the PC, I get a warning that ESET protection is disabled. After enabling protection (1 click) things seem normal... until next start. Almost sure this is a bug and there is a conflict between Win8 and ESET app. Did anyone encounter this? How do you fix it?
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