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  1. Hello house. Please I need your help on how to solve the cyber attack i am facing on my home network. Some months back, my home network was under attack by hackers and they took many thing from me. I now updated and fortified my network with eset internet security. But the shocking thing is that i now have this pop up message of "arp catche poisoning attack' and "duplicate IP adress". I changed my routers and upgraded my pc to another one and still have this arp poising attack. When i go to the internet security "connected home network" interface, i see another pc on my network which is not me and that pc is running linux OS. Also I see a duplicate of my router also with different mac address. Would have loved to attach screen capture but the pc is badly infected as the hackers injected all sort to the pc and am not the administrative user on that pc. Using a friend Pc now as i dont want to transfer virus to this pc. Note: I have formatted the pc twice and got new router. I still dont know the physical link they have to poison the router. I also installed Xarp to see the arp table and i still got the arp poisoning message here and also the app also gave me message that my mac adress is been duplicated which is why when i do "arp -a" on cmd the mac adress is same with my home router. Now i decided to use some command prompt to make the arp static instead of dynamic on CMD but the message i get is "the requested operation requires elevation (Run as administrator)". This confirmed that my pc is been remotely controlled. I later bought a unifi gateway firewall together with the 8-port managed switch but this did not solve the arp poisoning attack Please i need help to solve this problem. Its really disturbing
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