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  1. What kind of license is this? For a single product? A bundle? It was for ESET Family Security Pack 5 License. So five PCs and five mobile devices. I never actually used all the licenses. As of one hour ago, my license ran out. I was still getting updates right until the end. A ticket was opened last week with support as well. Nothing heard since then.
  2. Similar problem here trying to do a license renewal. The online system insists it has does not recognize my username. I still have my original license email and the one I am trying to use IS correct. I've also tried it direct from within the app. No difference. When I do the lost password/email resend, the system happily sends me an email with exactly the same username that it does not recognize. This is very frustrating. The applications installed on my PCs are receiving the usual updates so the update server at least does recognize me. My license runs out in a few days.
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