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  1. I am unable to get ESET to respond to my online request for my user name and password to activate my subscription. After Micro Center messed up the original installation and did it again, my activation key no longer works. I have tried twice to get my user name and password from ESET by sneding my e-mail as instructed, but have been ignored by ESET for two days. Someone please let me know an alternate way for me to activate my product!
  2. I have the same problem someone described last February. I bought my computer from MicroCenter, and they installed ESET while making another upgrade I purchased the day I bought the computer. There was a problem which required them the next day to refresh the original HP image and they installed ESET again. When I got home, it said the product was not activated, and would not take the User Key because "jt had been used too many times" or the like. I hadn't installed the program, nor received a user name and password. The program had all of my information when I tried to install with the key.
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