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  1. Depending on what type of RD-Servers you use, you should check some regular exclusions. We faced the same problem in our Citrix environment but with following the official Citrix AV Guidelines, we're pretty happy with the results (see hxxp://support.citrix.com/article/ctx124185 & hxxp://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127030). Also some advice from ESET was followed, additionally to the regular exclusions made by the ESET programs themselve. The only Thing we Need to pass on was scanning of e-mails in Outlook, here we were not able to perform well with mailboxes containing up to 70.000 (!) Messages in one (!!) Folder alone.
  2. I was just asking, because it was leading our dashboard statistics over weeks. Now, we "only" have suspicious objects detections (just made a short review over the last two weeks - nearly all those suspicious objects were .scr-malware). So if the detection is still there, please ignore my question. I would really miss this detection. Maybe 'the bad guys' should write some more doc.exe / pdf.exe or anything else ...
  3. Hi Guys, what happened to this awesome signature? It took out 95% of the mails - so i would love to see get it back. Was it removed from data base because of larger numbers of false positives? Best Regards
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