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  1. @Marcos Thanks for your help with this a I'm still having trouble changing laptops from unmanaged to managed. I've been kind of thrown into this position after being a network guy for the last 10 years but also 10 years of desktop from win 4.0 to XP days (showing my age) But can figure my way around desktop support for the most part. So my understanding is after ESET is installed It works with AD to populate the device into ESET Remote Agent. Our Eset server is available via the internet and does not require VPN connection. We also perform a stale machine cleanup and Static group sync (with AD Im assuming) so the laptops populate in ESET remote Agent. I noticed that the Unmanaged device have no FQDN and there are some cases where we have searched in ERA by IP address and can find a duplicate listing (With FQDN) and we can update that listing and remove the unmanaged duplicate ( With NO FQDN). This makes me wonder if the installation to the laptop is populating ERA and we may not need to perform the stale and static task? So the current laptop era logs is saying it can not communicate to the server, If its duplicated, I was wondering if thats why it cant populate thus giving the error? Thanks for any assistance. Charlie.
  2. @Marcos So it seems like after connecting the laptop to VPN it was able to speak with the server. It actually came up as a different machine and included the FQDN (the initial listing did not) and I had to delete the old one and rename the new one to the correct device name. Still not sure why it did not work just by adding the device in the AD but its working now.
  3. They were added by Active Directory. Yes, I saw that in the logs and for what ever reason I was not able to resolve az-eset01.azarahealthcare.local I rebooted connected to VPN again. and I was able to successfully push the agent Deployment so maybe it will update now. The logs show that they can communicate with the server listed above, I will give it an hour and see what happens and will update you. As far as the logs, this was the only way I could add them to the site for some reason (My apologies).
  4. I have a few devices that have the Unmanaged Circle as a status and I've tried everything to get them to be managed. Not sure what i am missing. Pc is in AD and updated correctly in Eset Remote Agent. Reinstalled Eset on the computer. Deployed agent from the Eset remote Agent. not sure what im missing. Tried to search the forum but could not find anything. Thanks for any assistance. Charlie.
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