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  1. Sorry for the protracted delay. I have been ill. I downloaded FileMenuTools by LopeSoft from the ORIGINAL SITE and from Softpedia, and as I recall, numerous other sources. I am NOW HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM AND I CANNOT RESTORE THE DOWNLOAD FROM QUARANTINE as the download was blocked partway through. In this case, I was downloading an epub file which was NOT a threat from a good friend at uploaded.net. I am frustrated and am prepared to uninstall ESET forever. In this case, the file did not even show up in ESET quarantine - it was detected and download was blocked after approx 90% o
  2. ESET Smart Security blocks ALL file downloads of particular files when it detects a threat (falsely). When ESET detects a downloaded file (legitimate) as a threat, it blocks the download and there is NO WAY to turn the protection off and allow the file to download. I have tried NUMEROUS different things from the ESET knowledgebase including: 1. Turn protection off temporarily by right clicking on the tray icon and disabling real-time protection AND firewall protection until next reboot. (IT DOES NOT TURN OFF - it still blocks the download) 2. Open ESET control panel and change Web pro
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