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  1. Activated successfully on my Android TV too....hope they don't deactivate the license lol.
  2. Anyway i was asking because on the official site the info is a bit misleading...from what it says,if you own a license for mobile security (smartphone) the license can be activated on an Android TV too.Or i am missing something and i don't get it?
  3. Hello everyone Just a quick question...i have purchased a 2 year Eset Mobile Security license for my Xiaomi Mi9 T...and i am a little confused about the fact that i can or i cannot using the license for activating too ESET Mobile for my Philips Android TV as i have installed the free version. Thank you.
  4. In my test not. Don't know why. Can you say what rule(s) this is/are?
  5. @rugk,yep,it's working ok in learning mode. @SweX,good news ...HIPS in Smart mode and it's working ok as well (in fact,with all modes).It's clear now...once the rule(s) is(are) created like in any HIPS,no more issues.
  6. Ok...re-enabled HIPS,learning mode,themes are changed,Advanced memory scanner active,everybody is happy...
  7. And why the other AV doesn't block this "aggressive techniques"???
  8. I really don't care about ESET's HIPS.Really.Because I'm using Privatefirewall for this and that's all.
  9. Thank you SweX and rugk,very helpful guys .As i already said,i leave the HIPS disabled as i have Privatefirewall which is more suited for this job.As far as i'm concerned,the issue is solved for me.
  10. I'm using TuneUp since 2007 and never faced a problem.It's your opinion,i respect it,but don't make the assumption that who is using this software is naive.Cause you are wrong.Very wrong.
  11. I didn't try it yet,but i just wanted to try again with the HIPS disabled.And guess what,after restart this time it worked.Just wondering with the HIPS disabled the protection of NOD is not affected overall...?(i have Privatefirewall's HIPS anyway...).I just re-enabled Self Defence...don't know why it's disabled automatically with the HIPS,and then must be re-enabled. Thank you Marcos for the help.
  12. Hello, As the titles says,I installed 2 days ago last version of ESET AV and i found out that i cannot longer change Windows themes with TuneUp Utilities 2013,it remains always the native one.I have snapshots with both Avast free and AVG Pro and this issue doesn't occur.Any idea what's going on? (already tried to disable NOD32 protection and its HIPS). When TuneUp tries to change the theme,ESET's icon is changing for a second or so in a yellow triangle. Windows 7 Ultimate x86,i have installed Sandboxie and Privatefirewall on my laptop.(ESET has all the green light it needs from Privatefirewall btw).
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