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  1. Thanks Marcos - I shall have a look at using the Scheduler. Is it possible to view the On Demand scan results by machine if it is done this way? Just out of curiosity - why do you prefer the Scheduler? Thanks
  2. OK, thank you - does that go for servers as well as workstations? And should I create these as Client Tasks with a weekly trigger - or as a Scheduled Task? Thanks
  3. Hi there, I am setting up my ESET Protect console and have a number of client machines running ESET Endpoint product. Some of these are WIndows 10 client machines and some are Windows Servers (including one HyperV host running 3 HyperV servers. What is the general opinion of best practice as far as running on-demand scans on these machines? Should an on-demand scan run every day (for servers) and once a week (for client workstations) - or other frequency? Should different types of scans (Smart Scan/Full Scan) be run on all client machines (workstations and servers) Are the scheduled on demand scans created as Client Tasks in the ESET Protect console - or are they configured via the Scheduler module? Should any files/areas be excluded from scanning (on servers or client workstations). Are there any different scan options/configuration required for the HyperV server? Any advice greatly welcomed. Thanks
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