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  1. That rebuilding of WMI sounds like Chinese to me. So I have done a clean Windows install,and now everything is working fine. Thank you to the people who tried to help me.
  2. @JozefG I have tried to make a new Bootlog file,check your pm.
  3. So I push Win+R,type cmd,and copy line into it. This is the result. ERROR: Code = 0x80041002 Description = Not found Facility = WMI
  4. I have send you a pm with a downloadlink for the logfiles.
  5. I can't upload the log files because they are to big.
  6. Here are the new logs. How can I get this?"It would be great if you provide also process monitor log from boot stopped after the notifications start popping up. That could really help me with investigation." eav_logs.zip
  7. I have used the uninstall tool in safe mode.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have tried this all,but still getting the messages.
  9. The security center servive is running. That rebuilding of the WMI repository sounds like chinese to me.
  10. That worked fine,thank you. But now I get the following. I use the dutch version of NOD32,sorry about that. So I translated this. "eset security status update in windows security center failed"
  11. This Solution worked to install again,but now I can't activate my NOD32.I have a valid activation code.
  12. When I add --avd-disable too the exe file,the file is no longer an exe file.
  13. I don't understand this.What do you mean with avd disable?
  14. This is what I get when I want to install NOD32. I have included the logs. ELC_logs.zip
  15. Hello, I have uninstalled NOD32 with the uninstallertool. But now I want to install NOD32 again.This doesn't work,I always get an error. I have tried the live installer and eis_nt64.Nothing is working. Can someone help me please? Thank you.
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