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  1. On top of what foneil said, it's not ideal to try to recover applications from Time Machine that required an installer (like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and also ESET Cyber Security) because they normally have more files set up and configured outside of the Applications folder. Using their installers would be the best method. With the Facebook message, it is a genuine message and they do have a help article on it. Because it is detected by what's happening on your account, I would suggest taking the time going through your messages you've been sending, your Activity Log (you ca
  2. Dear Forumers, I am writing my question here as I was not able to locate an answer to my problem. Recently I clean installed Mac OS X Yosemite, hence my Mac is completely empty. I have my Time Machine backup on my external hard drive - how do I recover ESET? I opened the backup in the drive and copied the ESET CyberSecurity app into my apps folder but upon opening it nothing happened - there is just the short animation of the app transparently enlarging as it always happens upon opening an app. I suspect it's wrongly installed (if it is installed). Any advice? Moreover, I wou
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