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  1. Hey Ken I can mention that HIPS is not working. I don't think that's complaining. Eset is about the only antivirus that is even working with 10. So, cheers to ESET. Does that help Ken?
  2. The HIPS and Anti-Stealth modules will be updated soon to support it. Thanks
  3. With the latest build of Windows 10 out HIPS no longer works again.
  4. Marcos, I've tried numerous times to get HIPS working again, but to no avail. I've got it set to Pre-release and ran 'update', but after reboot HIPS is not enabled. Any ideas?
  5. Ok, maybe tomorrow then? I didn't get anything updated today as far as I could tell on the Pre-release track.
  6. I spoke too soon I guess. It worked ok until the latest release of Windows 10 then it stopped working. Oh, well. Such is software in development.
  7. SweX that seemed to do the trick. HIPS is now active and I'm not receiving error message. Many thanks!!!!
  8. Yeah, I read somewhere else here in the forums that HIPS worked in the new version which I guess is .304, but it does not work for me.
  9. yeah, HIPS does not work for me in WIndows 10. As far as I know I have the latest ESET version 8. What gives?
  10. Why does the HIPS still show a RED circle when I look in Setup? I cut it on along with Smart Mode. I believe I have the lastest build of both ESET 8 and WIndows 10.
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