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    TomFace gave kudos to ebill in about the Connected Home Monitor...   
    Hello elle,
    I am going to take a crack at this, I could be wrong but something to look at.
    I suspect the "copies" you see are networks that were previous connections having the same name but some other criteria such as a different IP address, maybe a different router you have installed ect. Please look in the following area in the GUI - setup>advanced setup>Network protection>Known networks>edit after hitting edit see if you see the same Home and then Home 2,3,4 in that list.
    You only need the one you are using, you can delete any unused networks here, I am guessing that may clean up your list.
    Note that if the computer is a lap-top that goes to different networks and you are naming them all "Home" you would get the 2-3-4 suffix to diferentiate them. 
    Hope this helps -- ebill
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    TomFace gave kudos to ebill in Thanks to ESET and the forum   
    First I hope this post is in the proper place, and proper in content I just feel the need to say some words of praise.

    I would like to express my thanks to ESET and to the forum here and review my first 6 months with ESET internet security.

    I cannot be happier with the performance of the software; I would like to detail what I like best.

    EIS is very low impact on system resources, significantly improving boot times and general performance on our windows 10 PC’s in our home.

    The software is far easier than any other security software I have used to “setup”. For me setting the “enable detection of potentially unsafe applications” to on and setting my home network and it’s all done. In my previous vendor there were so many settings I had a list to use if re-install was necessary. The advanced setup available is also a huge advantage and the great forum here is the best place to get advice if you need help (I have answered most all of my own questions by searching and reading).

    We practice safe computing in our home but have saw the software “protect” us by not allowing web sites to load on a few occasions in web searches.  I love the “lack” of popups and background behavior, only coming up when something needs my attention.    

    The banking and payment is a great asset, I use this feature from its shortcut (not relying on site detection) when doing any online payment activity. I have not had any problems at all accessing sites, I even use PayPal on occasion and navigation through payment is flawless. I use Firefox as my browser of choice and love that I can create customization's in the Banking and Payment browser profile to enhance my personal security preferences while in B&P while not effecting my normal profile.

    In migrating feature updates on Windows 10 the software was flawless this fall picking right up where it was. Also when an ESET major update is ready the updates have gone flawless as well. This is a great asset to “ease of use”.

    Test results prevented me from coming to ESET sooner, this forum and the detail of explanation when these questions have come up (by other forum users) helped me understand what “test results” really mean. The reputation and commitment by ESET is evident in the software’s actual use.

    Please accept my sincere thanks for having this great product available.  Anyone needing a great preforming AV suite should give ESET a try.

    Also my wishes for a Happy New year and a great 2019 to all at ESET and the forum – ebill

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    TomFace gave kudos to Aryeh Goretsky in Rules of the ESET Security Forum   
    Welcome to the ESET Security Forum!
    ESET is pleased to provide you with this resource in order to make it easy for you to ask questions and receive answers about ESET's products and services.  Understand that the ESET Security Forum is a private community for existing customers of ESET, prospective customers who are interested in ESET's software, ESET employees and business partners.  Because of this focus, it is not like a general public forum, where conversations take place on a variety of non-ESET and non-security related topics.
    With that in mind, we have the following rules in place:
    When registering for an account on the forum, please fill out the information accurately and correctly.
    Do not enter the Username and Password for your licensed ESET software, but instead choose a username (in Latin) unique to this forum.  You should also choose a suitably complex password unique to this forum as well. Do not create multiple accounts.  If a person is found creating multiple accounts, ESET reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary, including banning, blocking, deleting and/or merging them.  The exception to this rule is ESET staff, who may create multiple accounts for testing purposes. No impersonating other forum users, ESET employees or other people. Use appropriate language in the forum.  No vulgar, obscene or rude language will be tolerated. No vulgar, obscene or otherwise offensive images or video will be tolerated. ESET staff have the right to move, edit or modify messages that you post.  This may be done for clarity, to move a message to more appropriate forum where it will receive more attention, or for other reasons outlined in these rules. All decisions by ESET staff are final, and not open to discussion. This list may be updated at any time.  Please periodically visit this page to review any updates. Do not post direct links to any executable files, malicious/suspicious software or web sites in public messages, even if you think the software or site is clean and incorrectly detected by ESET.  Break up the URL by inserting spaces into it, or replacing the protocol handler with an obfuscated one, like . Do not attach malicious or suspicious files to messages, even if you think they are clean.  Write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link. Do not post any personally identifiable information (PII) about yourself, such as an email or mailing address or phone number, in a public message. Do not post the username and password or license key for your ESET software in a public message. Do not post links to software cracking tools, license key generators, pirated copies of software or other illicit software in the forum.  If you wish to report a site, write a public message, and then use the "report this message" option to send a private message to ESET staff with a link. Do not post private correspondence (private messages, email, etc.) publicly within the forum. Do not post "A vs. B" or "Which product is best?" type messages in the forum. Do not post overtly commercial messages in the forum (this includes in your signature). Do not pre-announce releases.  Due to differences in scheduling, it may sometimes take several hours after a release has appeared on ESET's web site for the release announcement to appear here in the forum. Do not abuse the forum's rich text controls.  Messages and signatures with inappropriate font selection, including size, color and, for signatures, length, may be edited by forum staff to conform to standards of decency. Do not ask other users for logs, especially if they may contain sensitive or other personally identifiable information. Posts made on behalf of a 3rd party company may only be made from accounts registered with an email address from the company's domain (verifiable by ESET staff). Do not use the "Report post" function for other purposes than reporting inappropriate content requiring moderators' attention. Do not report possibly incorrect detections or blocks (false positives) in the forum unless they may affect a lot of users. If you think that your application or website is detected or blocked incorrectly, please report it to ESET as per the instructions at https://support.eset.com/kb141. Please keep in mind that this forum is not a channel for disputing detections or url blocks. Be civil, do not post sarcastic, offensive or mocking comments towards any person or entity. Do not post messages that are off-topic, keep the discussion to the point and do not lead it astray. To discuss a different, unrelated issue or question, always create a new topic. If you have any questions or comments, please contact one of ESET's moderators.
    Last Revised: 5 March 2019.
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    TomFace received kudos from jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    And we are glad to have you here ebill. Hello and welcome to the forum.
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    TomFace received kudos from Trish Eva in Introduce yourself   
    Welcome to the forum Trish...glad you could join us.
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    TomFace received kudos from Bill_k in Introduce yourself   
    Hello and welcome to the Forum Bill_k. You'll find some very knowledgeable ESET Staff and forum members here. I find that ESET products are superior to their competition and the Customer Support (which includes this forum) to be very good and responsive.
    Looking forward to seeing you here.
    Best regards.    
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    TomFace gave kudos to Arakasi in Introduce yourself   
    Hi my peoples !!
    Miss all of you guys !
    Where is Swex ?
    Going to try and stick my head in here a few times to see whats been going on !!! Maybe even help some people if i have time. I haven't left the ESET fam at all. Just been busy doing partner things & selling the products & services !!!!
    Cheers ~
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    TomFace gave kudos to jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    Great to see you Chris.
    I think you will really enjoy visiting here. I certainly do.
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    TomFace received kudos from jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    Hello chris020. Glad you are here.
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    TomFace gave kudos to jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    Good to have you here.
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    TomFace gave kudos to planet in Forum Feedback   
    Would be great to have the option of two-factor authentication for the ESET Forum.
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    TomFace gave kudos to jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    Welcome to the Forum, illumination.
    We are glad to have you aboard.
    I'm sure you will enjoy your stay.
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    TomFace received kudos from jadinolf in Introduce yourself   
    Welcome David...I hope you enjoy your time here. It's not a bad place to visit.   
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