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    TomFace gave kudos to SCR in Intermittent ESET/EIS splash screen   
    Hey Tom,
    I've had a similar problem going back some time regarding the tray icon. I have the icon hidden by the system now. I gave up on the splash screen a long time ago and have it turned off.
    I developed a more reliable method method to assure me that Eset is running using some simplified programming language.
    I am on Win7 also maybe that's the issue.  Either way as you said it's small potatoes.
    Regarding your Carlin quote, the forecast for tomorrow is: Decreasing darkness giving way to increasing light. I guarantee this forecast is 100% accurate.
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    TomFace received kudos from jadinolf in ESET version have been released.... ?   
    I am very, very happy to see you back on the Forum Joe.
    Give Fred a woof kiss for me.
    Best regards as always,
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    TomFace gave kudos to Marcos in The Logic of your user interface (y/n)   
    ESET's gui is subject to overhaul. While we do our best to tailor the gui for the majority of users, there are either technical limitations or some changes are too "expensive" in order to be done. Also it is obvious that we cannot make the gui likeable by 100% of all users and there will always be some who will like it and the others won't.
    Thank you for expressing your opinions. We are always open to constructive feedback and for suggestions how to make our products better in the eyes of you, our customers. Now that everything has been said, we will draw this topic to a close.
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    TomFace gave kudos to peteyt in The Logic of your user interface (y/n)   
    Could maybe removing the more tools part help e.g. all tools shown in tool area by default?
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    TomFace gave kudos to Deadpete in User monitoring   
    Hi folks,
    I appreciate all the good advice put forward here. I just want to recapitulate what my issue was from the beginning.
    I needed means to collect web access data for a particular user. Not keylogging, screen dumps, or that sort, as it's far too intrusive. Just record web access, mainly URLs. I could probably have set up a transparent proxy server, but that's using nukes for picking off a few pigeons. I have managed to collect sufficient evidence to present a good case, anyway.
    Particularly thanks to Tom, for reminding me about documenting everything. The fewer holes in the tapestry, the better. It will be ugly. Thanks to other colleagues for pointing out the possibility to use different means to lock down USB drives. That will be implemented promptly. I will probably implement some more permanent web monitoring to detect abuse at an early stage, before it gets out of hand.
    I wish everybody a nice spring
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    TomFace received kudos from jdashn in User monitoring   
    Peter stay on top of it. State clear expectations "formally" (and again DOCUMENT it).
    Do not dance around, if you do, nothing will change (and your position will then be on the line).
    Build your case carefully, but make it expedient as it's not a matter of if something bad will happen, but how soon will something bad happen. It WILL happen.
    It sounds like a small business, but if there is any Union organization there and you have a working relationship, after talking with HR (or the owner), you might consider involving them to gain some leverage and buy-in.
    I've been there and done that dozens of times.
    It's never easy, but sometimes you have no choice.
    Good luck,
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    TomFace gave kudos to peteyt in User monitoring   
    Yeah as the above mentioned there are programs you can use for logging. Does your company have a USB policy as a lot ban USBs from home and taking work ones out to avoid loss/infection.
    As mentioned speak to HR and warn the person that failing to comply could lead to dismissal. Remember no Antivirus solution is 100 percent and so users going to risky sites etc. could put your company in danger e.g. ransomware.
    For the reason mentioned above I would also make sure you have a good routine backup system in place. Also make sure to inform staff about the dangerous of things such as social engineering, getting them to sign things to cover you 
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    TomFace gave kudos to jdashn in User monitoring   
    There are some good free softwares out there for viewing browser history logs, and usb access logs.
    I'd just make sure that keeping browser history is enforced via gpo (if you can). Then they can't delete out the logs after each use, keeping you blind to their activities. While you're at it with the GPO, lock down the browsers so they can't install extensions/addins.
    You could also lock down (via ESET Device Control) exactly which (down to Serial number, but as broad as make, or model) usb keys' they're allowed to use. I'd also look to disable booting from USB via the bios, and lock the bios with a PW (if you can boot to usb you can run tails or some such with no IT visibility).
    And like tom said... document, document, document... Talk to your boss, make sure you're in the clear for the 'watching'.
    Is this user an Admin on the computer in question?
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    TomFace gave kudos to Marcos in Immediately, if ... option of scheduler   
    You've already reported it here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/17991-as-soon-as-possible-option-of-scheduler/. Please keep the discussion within the same topic. To prevent duplicate topics on the subject, we'll draw this one to a close.
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    TomFace received kudos from Peter Randziak in Forum Feedback   
    A nice addition to the Forum...hopefully folks will take the time to read it.

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    TomFace gave kudos to itman in Error code 0x847695d7 when opening Firefox for banking   
    Although this article notes error code, 0x847695d0, I suspect it still applies in this case: https://support.eset.com/kb6408/?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
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    TomFace received kudos from eset.paid.user in Someone eles using my key   
    No problem....please let me know what the end result is. If you'd rather not post it just PM (personal message) me.
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    TomFace gave kudos to TomasP in Exclusions   
    Please keep the topic technical and leave any personal hassles out of it.
    As the correct response has been given by several users throughout the topic and it has now turned into an exchange of personal insults and mockery, we are locking it for further responses.
    @novice Please refer to rules 23 and 24 and follow them in all your future posts.
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    TomFace received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in Someone eles using my key   
    If you purchased it through the ESET US website and are indeed in Canada, what I would do is submit a support ticket.
    I don't know if you are a business or home user, so you can select at
    or you can call ESET
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    TomFace gave kudos to cyberhash in Exclusions   
    Funnily enough, i can run any second opinion scanners or firewalls without any trouble whatsoever and without exclusions. Only a second realtime scanner will cause problems. Nothing new and was even a issue back on windows 95 lol .
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    TomFace received kudos from Aryeh Goretsky in PC slow   
    Well the first thing you could do is update to the latest version (v12)  https://www.eset.com/us/home/antivirus/download/ as the newer version may be lighter than what you have and most likely has enhancements. If you have a current license, the update is free.
    You may want to review the End of Life schedule at https://support.eset.com/kb3678/#eav just to stay on top of things.
    Or you could upgrade to EIS https://www.eset.com/us/home/internet-security/download/ which has more features, but there would be an additional fee.
    As you give very little information, anyone would be hard pressed to give you an accurate diagnosis.  
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    TomFace received kudos from Azure Phoenix in I uninstalled ESET and all wireless access is down   
    EIS and ESSP both have a firewall built in. So were you running 2 firewalls? Or did you use the ESET Online Scanner?
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    TomFace gave kudos to jadinolf in Thank you Fer,Goretsky, Marcos and TomasP,   
    Received your get well greetings today and believe me they were most appreciated.
    For you who do not know it, I recently spent 5 weeks in the hospital. Diagnosis was heart failure.
    I know I am improving but It's going fairly slow. In order to celebrate my improvement I installed Smart Security on a Windows 10 computer. Seems fine.Thanks again fellows.
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    TomFace gave kudos to Arakasi in Thank you Fer,Goretsky, Marcos and TomasP,   
    Get well soon Mr Jadinolf. 
    Prayers are with you and thank you for being a part of the community my friend !
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    TomFace gave kudos to stackz in Thank you Fer,Goretsky, Marcos and TomasP,   
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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    TomFace gave kudos to TomasP in Thank you Fer,Goretsky, Marcos and TomasP,   
    Great seeing you back here!
    Get well soon!
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    TomFace received kudos from td1958 in Purchased ESET Internet Security 2019 - 3 PCs From NewEgg   
    Sorry if I raised any doubt (or confusion) about what you purchased-that was not my intent. Your topic said "ESET Internet Security 2019 - 3 PCs From Newegg" so I am assuming it is indeed EIS (not ESSP). I doubt the ESET sales staff would be able to help you as you purchased it from Newegg (I'd just review your invoice (or contact Newegg) and work on the assumption it is indeed EIS). As far as feature  difference between EIS & ESSP (& NOD32), here is a link to a side by side product comparison for ESET PC products. https://www.eset.com/us/home/for-windows/
    The only real difference is ESSP has a PW Manager and encrypts files/removable media. Everything else is the same (so to speak, EIS is loaded for bear). 
    I myself use EIS as I have a different PW Manager.
    And by the way, welcome to the Forum....I'm glad you joined us...lots of good information is exchanged here!
    P.S....Don't panic or 2nd guess yourself. Take it one step at a time and it will all work out.
    FYI the only reason I brought up ESSP vs EIS is you indicated you were probably going to download a trial version, so I wanted to point out the differences so you could download the correct product. I am not an ESET employee, and as such, do not know all the product packages currently being offered. I do not know everything nor do I pretend to.  
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    TomFace received kudos from td1958 in Purchased ESET Internet Security 2019 - 3 PCs From NewEgg   
    Hello td1958. Just be sure to download & install the correct product (EIS or ESSP) for which you purchased the license for.
    As Marcos said you can download it from https://www.eset.com/us/
    The trail version will give you full protection. Boxed versions are no different that just getting a Product Key card. If you use a boxed version with a CD in it, it will still want to download the latest version. Some folks like to have the CD (but you can always download the latest version w/o a CD). For my situation, a boxed version is just clutter in my PC area. The important thing is the license key. That's  why even cheaply buying an "outdated" version (say from 2017) makes no difference. You'll still have the ability to upgrade to the latest version (FYI...old ESS (ESET Smart Security) is now EIS (ESET Internet Security)).
     I am not 100% certain, but I think the 3PC license is for EIS (not ESSP), but I could be wrong. An EIS license key will NOT allow the installation of the more expensive ESSP.
    In addition, you can use the "LIVE" installer or the "OFFLINE" installer (that is under install options I believe).
    Here are a couple more helpful KB for you to review (for EIS & ESSP):
    Good luck & regards,
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    TomFace received kudos from td1958 in Purchased ESET Internet Security 2019 - 3 PCs From NewEgg   
    Hello td1958. Here is a good KB reference on ESET license FAQs https://support.eset.com/kb2393/
    In particular, review bullet point #20.
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    TomFace gave kudos to cyberhash in Can anyone post...   
    Is it a full moon or something ???

    You are like a dog with a bone ................ Nobody is stupid enough to run known ransomware just to provide you with a "Screenshot".

    That's just like drinking poison to see if its strong enough ☠️
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