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  1. is there difference between live and offline installer? please give me original link for download eset smart security 8.304.0
  2. thanks but i am sure i downloaded version 8 . i have not problem with download but main problem is when i download latest version when i want to instsll it instead 8 version is 7 and this problem when start that 8.0.304.0 version was released and i donot have problem with 8.301 . please check
  3. hello in 7 and 8 version of eset smart security 'product update 'have problem because with release new version when clicking on 'check for updates' tell us your version is latest and this is big problem but in previous version this part was very usefull please check this bug
  4. i tried again last night but like many times before after install version of antivirus is 7 instead 8 and other problem is when i connect to eset website and download latest version while i want to install it if i connect to internet give me alarm that there is new version and you must download it please check latest version (8.0.341.1) that is on web site
  5. hello a few days ago i downloaded 8.0.304.1 eset smart security but when i installed it i see that written version 7 i was very surprised . i had no problem with 8.301 version where is problem ? i even tried on 2 computers but the result was same . if 8.0.304.1 version have problem please put new version on website. thank you so much
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