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  1. It doesn't give me the possibility to connect EMS with my my.eset.com account, nor choose activation with a license key. I made another short movie where you can see the downloading the App, installing and running it. The first account that appears is not associated with the license. If I select Add account, it opens Google Services for me to create a new account on the smartphone.
  2. I can't get to the main ESET menu -> License to enter the license. I start the App and it immediately asks me to select an email address, or add an account. You can see in this short video what happens: On our other phones with version 5 devices, it's easy to access the Menu
  3. As I already have a Yearly Subscription for ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus (For Google Play) for my wife and 4 grandsons, and I bought one ESET MOBILE SECURITY for Android license for two devices, my OnePlus and one of my sons Huawei. I have this second License Username, the License Key, and I can't figure out how to license my son's Huawei. I start the App and it asks me for an email address. The License was purchased with my email address, it doesn't exist on my son's cell phone, and I don't want to create an account there with my address. Can someone please tell me how to license the App? Thanks.
  4. Thank you @itman I previously tried with Firefox to no avail and then switched back to Opera. Right now I selected one more time Firefox as default browser, and the shorcut starts Firefox. I really appreciate your quick responses and for always coming back. All the best 😊 👍
  5. Default is Opera, but also have Firefox and Chrome for some platform compatibility issues
  6. ESET Internet Security installation put a shorcut named ESET Banking & Payment protection on my desktop. Although decades ago Internet Explorer not being my default browser, whenever I open the shortcut, the browser that starts is IE. How can I change this behavior plz? I have Windows 10 v.20H2 and EIS v.
  7. ESET Mobile Security offers an SMS & Call Filter on Android. I use the Android own filter but would like to change this functionality to ESET management. My question is whether I can make a backup of ESET Mobile Security settings. If I lose or have to reset the phone, I want to have the possibility to restore these settings..
  8. Hi. Can can ESET Endpoint version 5 protect against Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities? Thanks
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