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  1. "Is this still occurring after updating El Capitan to 10.11.1 (Should be available as an update in the App Store)? If so, try creating a test user account and use Safari logged in to that account to see if you are experiencing the issues there (Don't forget to delete the test account after trying it out)." Installed 10.11.1 today and everything seems fine. Thanks Planet
  2. I should also add to my previous post that upon searching on other boards that the same issue is being reported with Avast and Norten. When the AV software is removed all is well.
  3. I have and El Capitain OSX 10.11 and the similar problems are happening again. Surfing delays and now incomplete pages.
  4. Am having the same problems. Restarting doesn't seem to do much for me. The red spinning wheel at the eset logo just keeps spinning and nothing else seems to work until it stops. Any help on the horizon?
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