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  1. Hi Peter,




    1) I'm still not clear why incidents cannot be deleted. Aren't the artifacts uploaded to myeset.com? There isn't a dependency to anything on the device still, is there? If the artifacts are uploaded to myeset, then why couldn't a user delete them if they so chose? What's interesting is that I can remove photo's from an incident, but I cannot delete the incident itself. Like I mentioned in my original post, some incidents I may not want to keep. Why shouldn't I be allowed to delete them if I so choose? I'm not clear on why such an enhancement would not possible.


    2) That's interesting, I was still seeing the number after having logged out and logged back in again, but I tested it again just now and it is working as described. Thank you for clarifying that.


    3) Right, what I was suggesting was an option that allows the user to specify whether they want to be prompted or not. That way users can selectively enable or disable the prompt.



  2. Hi,


    I'm new and just started using myeset & anti-theft, and had a few suggestions, based on my brief experience with it:


    1) It would be nice if there were a way to selectively delete and/or rename incidents from the Activity view. Some incidents are just test runs and I don't really want to keep them around, and others I may want to keep.


    2) I'm not sure what the count next to the Activity link means. It just seems to keep going up every time I have an new incident. Initially I thought it was just a count of new activity, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems to be a count of all activity, but I'm not clear on what constitutes and activity and what does not, because I have more activity events than the number shown.


    3) When I run a test on a device, it would be nice if I had the option to disable the message sent to the device. Currently I get a message on the device that says "The user xxx@yyy.com has requested an Anti-Theft test for this device"  and it waits 60 seconds for a response. I wish I could optionally disable this notification. It's annoying.




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