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  1. AV agent should have permission to modify and only modify when needed. It should not modify EVERY SINGLE email sent or received, plus every calendar event, etc. Period! If I have 30-60k emails and have never sent nor received any malware, why does ESET need to modify all 60K items?
  2. Version 15 has the solution, what do we do now? Do we need to turn off email scanning completely? When will version 15 be released? Virus scanners should not be modifying email messages, period! Eset needs another way to keep track of scanned/not yet scanned messages. Maintain your own DB if necessary.
  3. I landed here when searching "esetmessageflag causing sync issues outlook". I'm running NOD32 AV This has been an issue for a long time (without me knowing it). I only just found out after a user reached 98% of 50Gig capacity for their mailbox. There are over 30,000 messages in the conflicts folder (over 14Gigs). So there's still no fix, huh? This is an insane amount of work if someone had to sift through these messages to see which of the conflicts should be kept. Do we just blindly delete everything in this folder? This is not a free product. ESET is left with two choices, fix it or lose customers.
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