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  1. Hi guys! So the problem I'm having is regarding Smart Security v. 9.0.349.14 and Black Deset Online. I need to disable the firewall in order for me to connect to any server. Once I've connected, I can turn the firewall back on, and everything is peachy, as long as I dont go back to character selection or change server instance. I've already accepted the games client in firewall setting, but there is something else launching just before Black Desert, called XIGNCODE. I guess it's some kind of anti cheat. I cand find any executable and approve it. When I browse to the folder where
  2. Thanks for the replies, chaps. I forgot to mention that the error i got was. "Product activation fails, Error 0008 or Error 0009"when trying to use the online installer. I downloaded the offline installer for Smart Security 8, and that did the trick. Now i was able to register the product, and also make changes.
  3. Hello! So, as many others i am trying the Windows 10 build. With the new update to ESET, HIPS is working as intended, but the app itself wont let me do ANY changes, hence I cant activate the product. I guess this problem lies with Microsoft, and read/write privileges, but is there any suggestions you guys might have to as how I get Eset activated? I have tried many solutions, but none have proved successful; disable UAC, change the ownership of the entire drive where ESET's installed, enabled super admin-accunt (well, hidden account at login) etc etc. Anyone else got the same proble
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