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  1. Hello Im a developer of this little Tool in our company and this software is designed to help my cooperators in their work. This is a network tool that has legal microsoft applications collected together somthing like PING, TRACERT, TELNET, Port Check, linux commands, etc... Program also have self check and update function, becouse of this function Nod32 Bussness edition is blocking Download URL, this makes imposble to update software in those cooperators who manualy check software update too often. computers on this network has standart user account type and ESET is password protected changing web filter manualy is not an option. please take a look and if you would like check it manualy, there are often software updates and i would like you to put this two url in safe clean list. program itself is Not Detected as malware File name: "COTools.exe" Full name: "Caucasus Online Tools" Program Version Build Version https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/14853262aa544650abe0b3c4d7e57d7f75dc8bc6fe1f7678c95c65e2625649bf/analysis/1413840834/
  2. Peter Randziak i also have my own program that is false positive. i mean program itself is clean but the self update link is blocked. already submited for analysis and email too but no response please check your P.M.
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