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  1. Thank you. That pointed me in the right direction. Turned out that the network was set to public instead of home. Wouldn't have seen that if you didn't respond. Thank you so much, Marcos!
  2. I am having a strange problem. I have Eset Smart Security 7 installed on all my PCs. The problem I am having is that from my wifes laptop I am able to see and read/write all shared folders on my own PC, but when I try to connect to hers, either through Homegroup or Network, it will not connect unless I disable her Eset Firewall. I have reset her Firewall to default. switched to interactive mode but i never receive any prompt when trying to access her shared folders from my pc. So the only way we can share files is to disable firewall. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much ap
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