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  1. Hello, Thanks for the answer. I found out that my father's computer already has an antivirus, so i will not buy a new one for him, for now. If i stil want topurchase the 3 licences, will i be able to use the two first on ma mom's computer and my computer, and the third on my mobile phone ? I've just installed the app "Eset mobile security", but I cannot find if a "Eset internet security" licence will be accepted on the mobile app ?
  2. Hello, I'd like to know the answer to three related questions : 1/ i'm now using a temporary licence to test "Eset internet security" on my own computer. But i do have issues with windows updates for months, and thinking to leave my computer to a repairman so he can fix everything. As my computer was bought with W8, and updated (with big issues) without my consent to 10, i fear it does the same to 11. If i buy a licence for 3 years, and if i have problems with windows, will i be able to reinstall Eset internet security with the same key, because on the same computer ? 2/ my parents struggle with internet, and i prefer to manage their antivirus. Therefore, i think it will be a good idea to buy 3 licences for 3 years (plus there is a discount on that offer right now), in order to manage their antivirus. If i got the problem described above on my own computer, will i have problem, and will it impact my parent's protection ? 3/ i am using now a temporary licence : if i buy the offer 3 licences for 3 years now (discount : same price as for one licence), will i be able to start using my licence at the end of the temporary licence ? Is it possible to buy it now (as i can't find the day the offer ends), and begin to use is maximum one month later ? Thanks for the answers, and sorry for the english mistakes ! Please don't use too much complicated words or sentences for the answer, so i can understand
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